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Ephesus Christian Church
History of Ephesus Christian ChurchE.C.C. 1934 The History of Ephesus Christian Church And its Forerunners. Enon and Enon Grove Established - 1894 / Bricked - 1970 In the mid - 1800's about a mile east of the present Ephesus Christian Church, there was a congregation of non-denominational believers called Enon, This church was located on, or near the Arbor Hill, just off the present south Little New York Rd. In March of 1884 a tornado blew this building away, down to the sills. It is said only the Bible, minus its covers was found in the nearby woods. A short time later some of these members started meeting in a building on property owned by Jimmy Webb, about 1 1/2 miles west of the church today, on what is now called Shoemake Rd. This congregation was called Enon Grove or New Enon. They met there for nearly 10 years, until trouble arose. About this time a man named Matt Rooks from this community, journeyed across the Chattahoochee River to a little non-denominational church in the edge of Heard County called Antioch Christian Church, He heard the Word of God, repented, and was baptized. Soon after returning home, he made preparations and sent for Mr. Zack Hardegree (the preacher from Antioch, who rode horseback and preached at many area churches) to come and preach a two week revival in a brush arbor on the hill at the present location. This was in 1894 and was the beginning of Ephesus Christian Church. In the early days of the church, the building was used as a combination school and house of worship. The cemetery was started here in May of 1871, at the death of John T. Clark, about 23 years before the church was established. The following is a list of known ministers who have served Ephesus Christian Church: Mr. Zack Hardigree (1894); Mr. Tumbling; Mr. Carter; Mr. Pate; Mr. Miller; Mr. Young Hardigree; Mr. W.R. Morgan; Mr. Eli (ESC) Webb; Mr. Maude Webb; Mr. Fraily; Mr. Coley Turner; Mr. Bill Palmer; Mr. Coy Bass; Mr. Ted Jones; Mr. Donald Weldon; Mr. Robert Gibson; Mr. J.C. Cook August 1958 - March 2003; Mr. Tim Cook (April 2003 - Present)
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